Tras la lectura y análisis de entre otras páginas web, la de las Naciones Unidas, que ilustran claramente el sexismo y la discriminación a la que se ven sometidas las mujeres, Yanira Rodríguez nos da su opinión en este escrito.



For centuries women have been placed a step bellow men, as well as their place in the working world, their responsibilities on their personal life, and the place they occupy on society. Nowadays, the situation hasn’t changed too much.

The objectification of women is a major problem in our society. If we search this concept in Google, we will find countless advertising spots where women are treated as a sexual object, as an inferior being who must serve men. Even the main brands like Burger King, Post-it or Dolce&Gabbana (among too many others) use the female body to advertise their items in the most attractive possible way, although it means sacrificing their dignity.

This undervaluation of women is not only in “the world of advertising”, we can see gender inequality in nearly all domains. With respect to the working field, Spain is the country of the European Union where the wage gap since the beginning of the crisis of 2008 has increased more, 16,1% to 19,3% percentage difference between men and women, 3 points higher than the European average. Furthermore, we can’t forget that in our country 22% of the female population has suffered gender violence, and 13 women have been killed by men in the first three months of 2016.

These data are worrying, and we should ask ourselves what we are doing wrong. We must not tolerate to perpetuate these differences that persecute us since humanity is called humanity. We must punish the injustices, but above all, we must educate from the equality. We can’t change the past, but the future is still in our hands. Help to make the difference!

Yanira Rodríguez Cano.

2º bachillerato B



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