Visualiza el vÍdeo del rapero Prince Ea en inglés,  y escucha su mensaje dirigido a las generaciones futuras. Este vídeo es muy interesante por su contenido en favor del medio ambiente, y pertenece además a la campaña “Stand for Trees”. Asimismo podrás escuchar los interesantes juegos de palabras y rimas que realiza en lengua inglesa.

Puedes ver el video en el siguiente link:

La alumna de 2ºBachillerato Laura Vázquez nos deja su comentario del video.


We constantly do apologize for insignificant subjects such as small mistakes, or break something. We ask forgiveness for accusing, judging and even for being ourselves. But, what happens to Mother Nature? She is tired of bleeding because of our selfishness, and despite this, she continues to struggle. It is her we should ask for forgiveness, so future generations, we can feel the destruction. We need to be fireflies that guide to the new world and fight with our mother to rebuild the impossible things.

Sorry, the truth is not like fairytales and we are not nightingales that sing for healing it, the truth is that we are the criminals of the world and we steal like a pro. We are the predators of the planet.

Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince Ea, an American rapper and YouTuber, is well-known for discussing topics like politics, sociality, environmentalism and life issues. In an interview he said he wanted: “to promote intelligence to everyone, everywhere and integrate it with hip-hop. To create and nurture, without discrimination or preference, a community of free-thinking individuals under the singular purpose of promoting the ideals of education, intelligence, unity and creativity throughout the world at large.”

He launched a video for the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, entitled “Dear Future Generations: Sorry”. He shows how horrible we are with our planet, and how in a short time, we’ll become a crusty society. He says: “dear future generations, sorry that we were too caught up in all our own doings to do something, sorry we listen to people who made excuses went to do nothing”, yes, we listen to the words but not to the meaning. The truth is that when we like to chill out at home in front of the television, we are losing 20 trees in 10 seconds, and the earth is still crying. A forest the size of New York City vanishes every 48 hours. Cutting down one tree in the Congo is estimated to release 18 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, that represents more than three times the annual emissions of an average car.

But we don’t have enough; we let the state of coercion play with our brain and convince us that everything is right. It is estimated that current stocks will be exhausted in the year 2060, we are saying that in 860 years the planet will be without forests.

Don´t accept the nature like part of our lives, take bad advantages of it, and laugh at her will let big mama to make a difficult decision: she will rise up against everything and everyone and, when the tsunamis come home, the earthquakes destroy our cities, and the world goes crazy, we’ll finally ask forgiveness to her, we won´t be the predators of the planet anymore.


Laura Vázquez




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