La alumna Carla Oval de 2ºBach A nos deja su comentario sobre la vida y época de Shakespeare.


Shakespare was a famous playwright who wrote at least 37 plays. He also wrote poetry (his sonets are one example). He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, in Central England in 1564. At the age of 7, he started at the King Edward IV Stratford Grammar School, where he studied Latin, Greek history and Maths.

Because of his family difficulties with money, his education ended when he was 13, so he started to work. At the age of 18, William Shakespeare got married with Anne Hathaway. They had three children: Susan, Judith and Hamnet (who died at the age of only 11).

Around 1587, Shakespeare went to London with a theatre group of travelling actors. Going to the theatre was becoming a popular way to spend free time for people in 16th century. The women’s characters in the plays were all played by men.

Shakespeare’s time (16th century) was a period of great discovery and exploration known as the Renaissance. It also was a period of new creativity in literature, art and theatre, that began in 15th century.

At first, Shakespeare wrote for a company called the “Chamberlain´s Men”. He owned part of this theatre company and two of the theatres where the company performed: The Globe and Blackfriars soon became well-known in London.

His theatre group started performing for Queen Elizabeth I, and continued to perform at the royal court under king James I, where they took the name of the “King´s Men”.

Shakespeare plays are usually divided into these types: history, tragedy, comedy and romantic drama. Some of Shakespeare best known plays are Romeo and Juliet, A midsummer night´s dream, Hamlet, Macbeth and The Tempest.

In 1616, Ben Jonson came to visit him. He was a friend and also a writer. That night Shakespeare became ill and died no long after. It is said that he died on the same day that he was born (23 April).

Before his death, two friends collected his work and published it in a book which became known as the First Folio (with a poem in the introduction by Ben Jonson).

There are more than 350 films based on Shakespeare´s plays. This gives us an idea of the importance of William Shakespeare and his survival in the current times.

Carla Oval Torres



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